Meet The Founders

Daniel Wagner and James Watson have been business partners since 2008 and have since taught many thousands of people how to make money online using e-commerce using many different business models.

James has written and conducted dozens of workshops on Amazon and e-commerce and has personally mentored hundreds of individuals and trained a team of twelve mentors. Over two thousand individuals and businesses have successfully completed the workshops, mentorship programs and distant learning courses.

He has condensed his vast real world knowledge and experience into our flag ship program, the Seller Success Online Masterclass, a step-by-step eight week online training program (7 core modules plus one additional bonus module.)

This program enables people from anywhere in the world to create part- or full-time income from their own e-commerce business using James’ proprietary system.

The opportunity to ‘partner’ with Amazon has in the last few started to attract a lot of attention for all the right reasons: EVERYDAY people are making life changing income from e-commerce using Amazon following a proven model.

If you’re not making additional income on Amazon yet, or if you are looking to make money with more time and location freedom, then join us on our next live training


Our Mission

Our mission is to create financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom for everyday people by supporting them to build global e-commerce businesses.

The e-commerce revolution combined with Amazon’s unprecedented growth has created a unique opportunity to sell physical products online with little capital or necessary expertise, which can literally be operated by anyone from anywhere in the world.

The team at Seller Success and the training and learning programs we continue to improve and develop have just one purpose: to create financial independence and resilience from a global marketplace to help everyday people achieve financial freedom to live life at their own terms.

After having tried and tested over a dozen online business models in the last ten years, we have found that our current business model that James has devised, has not just made us more money than anything we ever did before by a country mile, but even more importantly (for our mission at Seller Success) has given more people additional part-time or job-replacing income than anything I’ve ever seen or have been part of.

It is the perfect 21st century business model – to run your own global online business using the Amazon platform from anywhere in the world.

There are currently over 2 million existing third party sellers who are using Amazon’s access to a global audience and to over 200,000,000 of Amazon’s best customers.

We have noticed that more and more smart investors who have up to now only invested in property or traditional businesses are waking up to the amazing potential of global e-commerce using James’ low-risk, low-stress method and are now interested in creating additional income streams and building assets which are not just UK property.

Daniel Wagner & James Watson