“I find it very easy to follow step by step…
It’s totally, completely transformed my life”

“Before Amazon came along, I was a personal assistant working in the City.

I’m quite geeky and like to take things apart and put them back together again, so when I started I wanted to try and understand everything about the Amazon business, so I really took my time. In fact, I took a lot of time trying to really position myself so that I could grow very quickly.

My current sales figures for the month are $22,500 and my total sales to date are $40,000. I launched in September, towards the end of September, so really, that’s just 2 months from launch.

For me, as a woman, I just follow the sequence and find it very easy to follow the step by step instructions. I now wake up in the morning, when I want to wake up, and with my laptop and a Skype number I’ll go down to Starbucks and I can sit in Starbucks for a few hours. I can go and see my friends and family when I want to…

It’s totally and completely transformed my life.

One thing I am able to do now, that I couldn’t do before… is visit my boyfriend in Mexico for an extended period, an extended holiday. That’s something I could never have done, if I was in a full-time job.

If what is important to you is financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom, then this is definitely, definitely the way forward.”

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