“It really worked… I just got up and running and making money in a really short space of time, really against all my expectations.”

“I would say to my friends, ‘I’ve come across this scam and it could be quite a good one!’ I was hugely sceptical as I didn’t know anybody who’d done it. I didn’t know very much about it, but it really worked. It’s the first opportunity I’ve come across where you can actually start a business from scratch. Where a lot of the automation and a lot of the processes are all in place for you. I just got up and running and started making money in a really, really short space of time, all really against all my expectations.

The benefits… one is the opportunity to set up a business from scratch and get all the support, all the resources and all of the systems provided. Another benefit is actually making money from a business. One of the things I wanted from it was to create a bit more freedom in terms of my time and money so that I can do other things as well. My initial ‘why’ was to have an additional source of income, as the work that I was doing was very reliant on me turning up at a certain time, in a certain place, and if I didn’t or couldn’t, then I wouldn’t get paid.

So I thought this could provide a potential second stream of income, so I could still be earning, even if I couldn’t work for some reason, or if I wanted to go away. That was my initial ‘why’. I also wanted to be able to have the time and the money, if my parents needed some support, or if my family needed some support.

I’m grateful when opportunities present themselves, that happens for a reason and I would say to people, if there is something about this opportunity that resonates, then really go for it.

There’s only one way to know and that’s to just do it.”

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