“I’m now earning more money than a Doctors salary with one product on Amazon”

“Before Amazon, I actually had, well, I still have an information-based business, meaning I sell digital products based around my passion; health, wellness and peak performance.

I already knew that people had had success with it so for me it was a logical progression.

I started working with a supplier for a supplement that is very dear to me as it helped me heal myself from a chronic illness. We struck a good deal and developed a partnership and the rest is history.

The benefits have been incredible, it has really helped me have the life that I have now; I’ve traveled the World for the last year or so as a digital nomad, and am quite literally just following my passion and doing what I really love, everyday.

I am now earning more money than a Doctor’s salary, with one product on Amazon.

I used to be a pharmacist years ago, working 8 to 10 hours a day, it was really, really hard work, so compared to a job, this is clearly a different experience and is something you can do side by side, if you have a job already and create a really nice income to pay off your mortgage or buy a new car.

And if you want to replace your job income, you can do that too, and if you create a product like I have done, you can actually help a lot of people in the process.

It ticks so many boxes and was never really possible until Amazon existed.”

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