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CBT Payment & Finance

Cross border payment and finance can be rather complicated and tricky. We conduct tailored financial solutions to optimize your business transactions timely and securely.We partnered with Mercury Bank which is an online FDIC insured bank that provides checking and savings accounts to help startups grow and manage their capital. Moreover, we work with the top financial institutes to help sellers to sell more by funding their inventory or account receivable.

Difficulties in Reaching the Global Market?

Banking Built for eCommerce

Are you a global eCommerce seller struggling to find a USA bank account? Here at Seller Success, for years and years, we have had people from around the globe c ome to us asking for help getting their eCommerce setup and streamlined for sales. We are so excited to share with you our banking partner, Mercury, which built as a bank account for eCommerce sellers to scale and grow.

Connect to any payment processor

Link seamlessly with pretty much every U.S. payment processor such as Stripe, PayPal, Amazon and Shopify.

Send payments globally

You no need-to-fly-to-USA for an American bank account. You just need to open a bank account from wherever you are. Make wire transfers to wherever you need.

Expect features, not fees

Mercury promotes a “Pay $0/month” pricing assuring companies of no worries over service charges, minimum balances, overdraft and hidden fees.

How we Help with your Application Process

Seller Success truely understand that eCommerce sellers need for their banking solutions is customer support and ease of integration with their current system. Mercury’s customer support is one to be highly noted with both email and chat support. Their scope is wider too with their integrations with Pilot, Xero, Quickbooks, Plaid and numerous payment processors. Seller Success is excited to help bridge more eCommerce sellers to this product.

Create an Account

Create your username by providing basic information before starting the application process

Complete the Application

We put together a list of information that Mercury asked and you just need to fill out the form which includes company info & the owners of the business

Accept Terms and Conditions

Review the legal agreements then click agree and submit company profile and just wait for the approval

Expect Follow-up Questions

Once you go to the next step, at least per our experience, Mercury will do a follow-up to see if we are doing business actively and legitimately

eCommerce Trade Finance

Seller Success works with the top financial institutes. We evaluate each eCommerce sellers’ operational data and closely monitoring real-time changes in the seller's operational situation at key credit control stages before, during and after the provision of a loan, thereby integrating risk assessment and monitoring mechanisms into the seller’s daily operations. Based on big data risk control model, Seller Success focuses on providing one-stop rapid financing services for eCommerce sellers.

Easy Application

Fully online application and approval process

Low Cost Financing

APR Range 10-13%*

*Subject to credit assessment decision

No Mortgage Required

Data-based credit model

Rapid Loan

Complete entire credit assessment process
within 3 working days

Thinking of Opening a US Bank Account?

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