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Walmart México and Canada Marketplace

Walmart México is the country’s largest retailer with more stores per capita than the U.S. and nearly 27 million monthly unique visitors to its marketplace. Approximately 45% of digital buyers in Mexico make purchases cross-border. The Marketplace is open to U.S. and China sellers who have demonstrated selling excellence on Walmart’s U.S. Marketplace.

Therefore, expanding to Walmart Mexico is no less than a fantastic opportunity for Walmart US 3P Sellers.

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To apply and learn more about the WFS program visit Walmart's WFS portal.

Walmart Marketplace México

Walmart's first store outside the United States opened in Mexico in 1991 - a Sam's Club in Mexico City. In 1997, Walmart acquired a majority position in Cifra, and in 2000 the name changed to Walmart de México. Walmart Mexico is also a publicly traded company on the Mexican Stock Market known as Walmex.

Walmart Marketplace Canada

Walmart Canada’s top customer segments include Millennials (41%), families with kids (55%) and the affluent, which includes those with medium-high income (54%) and higher education (83%). In 2021, Canadian consumers spent 60% of their disposable income on US goods and services, particularly in the home office, tools, health and exercise, personal care, special needs, entertainment, toys, and electronics categories.

To sell on, vendors must meet certain requirements, including:

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