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French market: The number of online consumers is 42 million, accounting for 62.5% of the population.

Cdiscount is the number one e-commerce platform in France. Founded in 1998, it belongs to the Casino Group. It includes sales of 3C digital, home, gardening, outdoor, entertainment and other commodities. Supporting self-shipping and platform-owned overseas warehouses, one-stop management of European logistics is the best choice to seize the European market.

Why selling on Cdiscount?

How to sell on Cdiscount:

39.99 Euro/month Monthly membership fee

Commission (7%-20% of the order amount, depending on the category)

Categories Commision rates
Jewellery 20%
DIY 12%
Hi-Tech, Computers and Household appliaces - Accessories 12%
Musical Instruments (expect accessories) 12%
Types 10%
Vehicles 12.5%
Video games - consoles 8%
Household appliances - Equipment 7%
Hi-Tech - Audio, GPS, Car Audio, Photo, Camcorders, Camera lenses, Flashes 7%
Computers - Peripheral Devices, Components, Network Memor/Storage 7%
Computers & Hi-Tech - Computers, Tablets, Screens, Printers & Scanners, Video Projectors 5%
Drones 5%
TV 5%
Mobile phones/smartphones 7%
Other category 15%

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