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What is Fruugo?

Fruugo is an online marketplace from the United Kingdom. Fruugo sells in 45 countries around the world, including the UK, the US, France, and many EU counties. The brand markets itself on being flexible in terms of being able to sell across borders easily, which is not the case with many other marketplaces. This helps Fruugo to stand out from the competition.

Fruugo offers a wide variety of products sold by thousands of different brands around the world.

Few advantages to selling on Fruugo

• Potential worldwide sales reach, in up to 46 countries. Add this to the fact that Fruugo is growing and gaining more customers by the day, you have a great opportunity to reach new buyers. Fruugo even translates your product advertisements for potential buyers around the world and adjusts the currency to their needs.

• It offers foreign market insight to its sellers. That means if you are considering selling across borders, you can check which products of yours are the most likely to sell in certain locations. This gives sellers a head start, and also means they can cut costs by reducing their own levels of market research.

• You get your own dedicated account manager. This very personalised aspect of Fruugo saves you time and money doing a lot of the calculations yourself, or employing someone to do so.

• Fruugo also has a long list of affiliates in 46 different countries. That means that without actually having to do anything, your product is already being promoted for you globally, through Fruugo’s large network of affiliated websites and partners.

Are you a qualify Fruugo seller? Check this out:

To apply to sell on Fruugo, you will have to enter the following details:

1. Your contact information - including name, surname, email, and telephone number

2. Your company details - this consists of your companies trading name, your website and catalogue URL, your registration country, and your approximate annual sales on marketplaces. You will also need to state whether you are sales tax/VAT registered, and whether you currently sell on other marketplaces.

3. Your fulfillment capabilities - this includes whether you can ship internationally (highly recommended on Fruugo), whether you can track shipments, and where you are shipping from.

4. Product information - this includes the number of products you intend to list on Fruugo, whether they all have GTINs or not, and whether you are a manufacturer exempt from GTINs or not.

5. Technical information - here you will need to state whether you have reviewed the technical documentation. You will also need to state your integration method.

Fees and charges

Listing your products on Fruugo costs absolutely nothing. There are also no subscription fees, and no marketing fees. Fruugo only charges commission and processing fee. Fees amount to:

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