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Why choose to sell on Fyndiq over another Swedish marketplace?

Fyndiq is well known as the online discount marketplace – a brand that is connected to about 3⁄4 of Sweden. Over the last year, Fyndiq produced more than £ 32 million – and bearing in mind that it’s just from 7.3 million adults, that’s a huge amount of sales.

Sweden is the most populous country in the Nordic region, with a population of 9.9 million and an Internet penetration rate of 95%, making Swedes very receptive to online shopping. 67% of people shop online once a month, and the average annual online shopping consumption reaches 1,668 euros.

Fydiq was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Its sales in 2021 will reach 70 million US dollars. It is currently the largest e-commerce platform in Sweden and can be sold in Denmark and Finland simultaneously.

Merchant Requirements:

Fyndiq fees


Fyndiq ensures that payments are always received from the customers. The merchant may choose to have payments from Fyndiq in the following ways:

Exactly 30 days after the order was made (the next bank day if 30 days would have passed on a weekend).

On the first banking day in each month (but at least 30 days after the order was created). This means that payments for any orders made during the month of January 2018 would be payed out on the 1 of March 2018.

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