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Home Depot is an American multinational home improvement retail corporation that sells tools, construction products, appliances, and services. And it is one of the most well-known home improvement chain stores in the United States. In 2021, the company had more than $151 billion in revenue, over 2300 locations, and 70 distribution centers in North America. Millions of customers are served every week. Products getting listed on could change the business prospects almost overnight in terms of exposure and sales potential.

Home Depot has become the largest home furnishing platform in North America. The user group is mainly married, high-income, middle-aged consumers. More than 72% of consumers have a per capita income of more than $85,000. Average monthly visits exceed over 180 million, the most traffic in the industry.

How to sell on

1. Register online with Home Depot.

Before you can even submit an application to be a supplier, you have to register with Home Depot via their website. You will be required to provide several pieces of information demonstrating the legitimacy of your business, including your Tax ID number, DUN & Bradstreet Number, ownership and financial information, and any certifications required to legally sell products in your field.

2. Receive a registration key.

Once the registration form is successfully filled out and reviewed, you will be emailed a registration key. This is necessary for beginning the actual submission process, as well as for adding individual employees to your account with Home Depot.

3. Upload your business information.

Once you have access to the main supplier pages, you'll be asked to upload proof of your certifications, as well as any supplementary materials you feel are relevant to your application, such as sales brochures.

4. Complete your supplier application.

From the supplier portal, you'll have the opportunity to select your Commodity\Service Area and then complete forms pitching your product to Home Depot. This application will be reviewed by a sales associate, then either be approved or denied. Denied applications cannot be re-evaluated without waiting six months, so again, getting this step right the first time is key.

You can apply for Home Depot if you meet the following conditions:

Home Depot Selling

The seller quotes the wholesale price, and Home Depot sets the retail price at the front desk

ACH Payment, Net 30 2% terms

Thinking of Selling Now or Later

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