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About ManoMano

With more than 20 million visits per month and more than 2.5 million active customers, ManoMano has become the most important commercial site specializing in DIY and the home. Formerly, the marketplace became ManoMano in 2015 and is popular among the B2B professionals. It offers 6 international sites: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom.

Why Selling On

In 2021, ManoMano announced that it has officially completed a new round of financing of US$355 million in Series F. Since its establishment, it has raised US$725 million. Even French President Macron also praised ManoMano on LinkedIn as a new French unicorn company. Awarded "Next40" by the French government.

Personalized service with super high customer stickiness In response to the pain point of not being able to get personalized advice when buying DIY products online, ManoMano has established an online community of experts and DIY enthusiasts to replicate the in-store experience, and shoppers can get personalized advice at any time. It is precisely because of ManoMano's unique consultation window that the customer stickiness and conversion rate of the platform are very high.

ManoMano Fulfillment:

ManoMano has developed its own logistics tools and offers the logistics service ManoMano Fulfillment (MMF) that covers :

Storage of your items

Logistics allowing you to outsource your shipments MMF is a paid option, to be set up with the help of your ManoMano account manager as there is additional information to provide.

Orders go back to a separate account from orders shipped by the seller. It is possible to have a mixed management of orders

Part of the catalog shipped in MMF

Another part of the catalog managed logistically by the seller

What are the product categories on ManoMano?

ManoMano is a specialized marketplace, therefore the product categories presented on the site are limited to the fields of activity related to DIY:

Seller registration requirements:

How much are the commissions on ManoMano?

For Manomano , there is a subscription of €100 excl. VAT per month per site (FR, ES, IT, DE) and 50 GBP for UK, as well as a fixed commission of 15 to 25% excl. VAT on average applied to the duty-free.

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