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How do we help you out setting up your Shopify Store?

With our Shopify web design service, we will focus on getting the best out of your investment and get your eCommerce live in the shorter time possible. We will guide you through each step sharing our experience helping you to prove your business concept. The final result will be a professional-looking website ready to sell online.

Over the past years, we have worked with many ecommerce brands across diverse verticals and can vouch through our experience that a customized Shopify store brings better ROI than the ones built using a template.

Why Should Your Shopify Store Design Match Your Business Goals

It is not easy to build a Shopify store from scratch. Every step matters, from planning to designing, optimization, and maintenance. Ground-up design plan and development gives you full control over every decision.

But is control the only thing that would help you succeed? Perhaps, you should flesh out your business goals and work from there up.

If your business goal is to sell garage stuff, then a custom-design Shopify store with control isn’t worth the investment.

If your business goal is to build a brand, attract customers and convert prospects into buyers, then the benefits will outweigh the amount invested in a custom-design Shopify store.

Shopify Store Design

We will incorporate the latest trending design features and elements in your Shopify store to showcase your products in the best way to your customers and influence their purchase decision.

Our Shopify Web Design Process

We manage every stage of the Shopify web design process and keep you updated at every stage. We fully understand how hard it can be for store owners to keep track of everything and with our Shopify website builder service, we do our best to simplify the process.

Our process:

Our Shopify Service


From inception to launch, Coalition Technologies can provide a route to success for your ecommerce business on Shopify. Maximize the functionality of this powerful platform with assistance from world-class designers and expert-level developers who can bring your vision to life. Make each page on your website an accurate representation of your brand, optimized for results.


Unleash the true potential of your website by customizing its theme to suit the needs of your customers. Our Shopify design and development experts know exactly how to match your theme with the emotion your brand hopes to capture. Increase flexibility and separate yourself from competitors with a unique first impression each time users visit.


Installing applications can happen with the click of a button, but monitoring compatibility between different apps and your website theme takes expertise. Our experience working with Shopify allows us to easily troubleshoot issues we’ve come across before, or build workarounds to implement the apps you want to add.


Once your website is launched, the journey is far from over. Coalition Technologies is here for continued development and support whenever your team needs it. Whether it be backend maintenance, advice on integrations, or direction for your next big marketing campaign, our Shopify services extend way beyond initial setup.

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