Seller Success

Cycloon en krijgen goedkeuring voor intensiveren van strategische samenwerking

When announcing the collaboration in December 2021, both organizations indicated that wants to help Cyclone in its mission to substantially accelerate green and social delivery. In 2022, the transaction for a majority stake of in Cyclone was completed. This has created a future-proof position with strong growth opportunities in a competitive market. For, the collaboration ensures that a larger proportion of packages can be delivered by bicycle and that the online retail platform can offer customers the best delivery service. In September 2022, Cyclone delivered the first package.

Optimal synergy

Cycloon, with its national network of bicycle couriers and postal deliverers, sends mail and packages throughout the Netherlands for thousands of customers. Delivery with cargo bikes is emission-free and keeps residential areas safe. Hundreds of people with a (former) distance to the labor market also work at Cycloon.

The initial intention was that would acquire the remaining shares in Cyclone in 2026. The parties have now decided to transfer all shares in Cyclone to in the short term. Intensifying cooperation will enable Cyclone to scale up faster. In this way, the synergy between both organizations can be optimized and and Cyclone can achieve more impact in making delivery more sustainable and social. Cyclone will continue to exist as an independent brand, with its own management. In addition to the packages from, Cyclone also continues to deliver mail and packages for other customers.