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Five years of 10 times growth, "explosive single physique platform" Fruugo will explode these categories

As Amazon "peaks in traffic," sellers are looking for the next blue ocean platform.Since the beginning of this spring, Fruugo has become a "hot choice".

Overall, Fruugo is an interesting platform that combines the characteristics of Amazon and eBay to be product-centric and traffic-driven. If the seller gives priority to the product links, and spends more attention on the pictures and descriptions, then the opportunity to explode orders on Fruugo is still relatively large.

An analyst said that at present, Fruugo's advantage is that there are few sellers in the early stage, some sellers by expanding the scale, grab a lot of traffic and orders, and achieve good profits under the premise of keeping the red line of infringement.

A seller of all kinds of clothing, home decoration, small toys, is very good at scale warfare, and close to the market hot, holiday period to expand new categories, including temperature guns, heating equipment, Christmas decoration, etc., in just 4 months, 136 times.

Fruugo's main market is Europe, and the top 10 sales markets include Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Norway, etc. Northern Europe, in particular, is known by many sellers as a "more money less" market, high customer unit price, low return rate.

Running Fruugo's blue Ocean opportunity, a group of sellers with a sensitive sense of smell have opened stores on the platform:

The number of sellers increased: for the whole year of 2022, the number of Fruugo sellers increased by 62%;
Number of sellers and SKUs: Approximately 100 million SKUs have been listed on Fruugo's platform by more than 3,000 retailers;
Number of orders: nearly 7 million orders were received throughout the year, a significant increase of 114% over the previous year.

At present, Fruugo platform has gathered many well-known brands from all over the world, including Nike, Haglofs, Suunto, TIGI, Redken, L 'Oreal, Sony, Canon, etc. In 2022, Fruugo's revenue reached a new high, exceeding £65 million, an increase of 110% year-on-year. Annual revenue increased nearly tenfold between 2018 and 2022.

The sales season of the second half of the year is coming. Back-to-school, European and American festivals, autumn and winter entertainment activities and the need to keep warm and other needs gather together, Fruugo will usher in a new round of explosive single season.In the second half of the season, which categories have a greater opportunity to stand out in Fruugo?

Fruugo seller help center (http2LP8ops:// performance for the categories of merchandise in heat maps, is an important reference tool to choose goods.

This heat map clearly shows when sales are hot (red areas). According to the data of last year's heat map, Fruugo has gradually entered the sales season since around the 36th week, that is, September. The sales volume of many categories began to rise steadily, and the weekly sales volume of many categories increased by more than 100% compared with the weekly average value around November.

Overall, the top five top-performing categories at the end of the year were clothing and accessories, Home and Garden, toys and games, health and beauty, and electronics.

Among them, clothing and accessories, home and garden two categories, maintained the leading position throughout the year, and in the end of the period, their sales ushered in significant growth.

The toys and games category jumped from fifth place to third by the end of the year. In addition, the two categories of health and beauty and electronic products have been stable in the top five, and also showed good gains at the end of the year.

The specific hot subcategories in the second half of the year are as follows

Clothing and Accessories

According to last year's data, the subcategories of uniforms, shirts and tops, coats, watches, men's and women's shoes, underwear and socks have been the best-selling items in Fruugo's clothing and Accessories category.Of particular concern is that nightwear, home wear, sportswear and other categories began to have a significant increase in sales in the autumn and winter season.

In addition, the costumes category has always been a hot seller for Fruugo throughout the year, and the arrival of Halloween (October 31) has led to further growth in the costumes, costume accessories and masks category beginning in September. Sellers involved in related categories are advised to be ready for shelves before October.

Home and Garden

In the home and garden category, the two sub-categories of kitchen tools and appliances, storage and finishing, had a more prominent performance throughout the second half of the year.

Under the influence of the superimposed Halloween and Christmas holidays, seasonal and holiday decorations have been selling well since September. On the other hand, with the arrival of winter, temperature regulation equipment has naturally become a popular category in the second half of the year.

By the end of the year, according to the data in November and December last year, bedding, night lights and environmental lighting are also categories that can be paid attention to.

Toys and games

Toys and games are also the best-selling categories on Frugugo's list for a long time, especially the subdivided categories of dolls, toy sets and human dolls, which basically occupy the top five seats throughout the year.

The category rose to the top three in sales between October and December, spurred by the year-end holiday factor and increased demand for gifts. At the same time, the two subcategories of remote control toys and construction toys also rushed into the TOP list in the second half of the year.

Health and beauty

In the health and beauty category, cosmetics, fitness and nutrition products, hair care are long-term best-selling subcategories, sales in the second half of the peak season has further growth.

Electronic product

The category of electronic products has always been one of the main sales forces of Fruugo, especially mobile phone accessories, computer parts, audio components and other subcategories. At the end of the year, the sales of these categories will also increase significantly.

Sellers can make good selection strategies based on the above trends and the performance of specific categories, combined with more detailed heat map data provided by Fruugo's Seller Help Center, as well as Google trends and social media trends in their market.

Finally, it should be noted that while product selection is important, operating well based on the rules of the Fruugo platform is even more important. Whether the product is compliant, whether it is infringing, whether the keywords, description and product classification are correct, etc., are seemingly simple, but the key factors that have a great impact on traffic.

Therefore, we suggest that sellers should make full use of the official "strategy" of the "Fruugo Seller Help Center" and do solid "intensive cultivation" in order to achieve accumulation, seize the traffic dividend of the year-end peak season, and achieve explosive single sales!