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Hepsiburada announces hot categories in the first half of the year, and domestic brands dominate Turkey

On August 5, Hepsiburada, Turkey's largest e-commerce platform, announced the categories and brands sold most on its platform in the first half of 2023. Among its many categories, many domestic brands have become popular brands under these categories, indicating the preference of Turkish consumers for Chinese goods and brands.

Data show that in the first half of 2023, the most popular categories on the Hepsiburada platform include groceries, science and technology electronics, beauty and skin care, science and technology electronics, home kitchens, clothing and footwear. According to the report, e-commerce sales in Turkey's major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara are higher, with most consumers doing their shopping between 8 and 10 p.m., most of them in March.

Science and technology electronics

In the technology electronics category, the most purchased items by Turkish sellers through Hepsiburada include mice, USB sticks, laptops, monitors, keyboards and memory cards. Logitech is the most popular brand for computer accessories, while Lenovo and Asus are the most popular laptop brands.

Smartwatches have also become a hot product in the tech electronics category, with BabySmart being the hottest brand, and one of the brand's products has become Hepsiburada's best-selling smartwatch product with its built-in camera, stealth monitoring function and other advantages.

In the mobile phone category, Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are the three most popular brands and have dominated for a long time.

Household goods

Within the household goods category, the top categories purchased by Turkish buyers through Hepsiburada are pillows, bed linen sets and storage supplies. Popular brands and products include hotel-like pillows produced by Varol using new nanotechnology, bed linen sets by Yata and Karaca Home brands, and towels and candles by Chakra.

Kitchen appliance

In the kitchen appliances category, the most purchased items by Turkish buyers through Hepsiburada include air fryers, robotic vacuum cleaners and electric razors. Data show that the platform air fryer sales in the first half of the year increased by 422%.

Among them, Philips brand air fryer sales ranked first, Xiaomi and Roborock brand robot vacuum cleaners are also in the forefront of the category sales ranking.

Makeup and skincare

Within the cosmetics category, the most purchased categories by Turkish buyers through Hepsiburada include skin care products, perfumes, skin rejuvenation creams and makeup.

In face care products, The Purest Solutions is the most popular brand. La Roche-Posay is the most popular brand of sunscreen products. In the makeup category, Maybelline's lip products and mascara were the best-selling products.


The data showed that Hepsiburada buyers had higher demand for groceries in the first half of the year, especially wipes, baby diapers and toilet paper. In terms of brand preference, Sleepy is the most popular brand for wipes and baby diapers, and Solo is the most popular brand for toilet paper.

On the food side, Eti's cookies and cakes are favored, while Ulker's chocolate and waffles are the most popular.

Fashion category

Under the fashion category, the most purchased clothes by Turkish buyers through Hepsiburada are baby onesies and T-shirts. T-shirts by DeFacto, U.S. Polo Assn and Mavi, June's sportswear are among the most popular items.

Sports outdoor is a popular sub-category in the fashion category, the first six months of this year, Adidas, Puma and Nike and other brands of products are favored, Joystar and Hummel brands are also receiving more attention, Leipae focusing on football shoes has become one of the most popular brands.