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Large Customer Base is one of Australia's largest online marketplaces. It offers a platform to millions of customers, providing a substantial audience for your products. This large customer base can potentially lead to increased sales and brand exposure.

Large Customer Based
Wide Range of Product Categories​

Wide Range of Product Categories

The platform caters to a wide variety of product categories such as electronics, fashion, home & garden, and groceries. This diversity allows you to sell different types of products, expanding your potential market.

Deals and Discounts Focus has a strong focus on deals and discounts. If your business model can accommodate competitive pricing or you have clearance items, this platform can be an excellent way to attract deal-seeking customers and move inventory quickly.

Deals and Discounts Focus
Seller Support

Seller Support offers a range of seller tools and resources. These include analytics for tracking sales and understanding customer behaviour, as well as customer service support to help manage your sales effectively.

Strong Reputation

Lastly, is owned by Wesfarmers, one of Australia's largest companies. This gives the platform a strong reputation and backing, providing sellers with the confidence that they're dealing with a reliable and established marketplace.

Strong Reputation