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Japan Rakuten is one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms, founded on February 7, 1997, and owned by Japan's Rakuten, Inc. Currently, Japan Rakuten has 50,000 sellers and 105 million users, covering approximately 90% of the total population, spanning all age and income groups. It's considered a national-level shopping platform in Japan.

Why Join Japan Rakuten

Requirements for Joining Rakuten Japan

1. Direct Entry by Japanese Companies

  • Registered Japanese company or individual business owner.
  • Complete contact information including phone, fax, and office address.
  • A bank account in the company's name.
  • A mailbox in the company's name.
  • Compliance with Japanese laws and Rakuten marketplace regulations.

2. Companies need to submit:

  • Business licenses, qualification certificates, etc., related to their products (e.g., antiques, tobacco, food, medicine).
  • Product images.
  • Stamped documents consistent with the registered name (similar to business registration documents).

3. Individuals need to submit:

  • Resident certificate (similar to a household registration).
  • Personal seal registration (personal representative seal for Japanese individuals).
  • Original certificate of seal registration (issued within the 3 months prior to the contract start date).
  • Pictures of physical store.

4. Agent Entry for Japanese Companies

  • Products with core competitiveness.
  • Stable warehousing and logistics.
  • A proficient Japanese e-commerce team.
  • Complete product certificates.

Costs Associated with Japan Rakuten

Basic equipment for operating a Rakuten store (system usage fees): The system usage fees for various services vary based on the "store opening package" and "monthly sales amount."

Rakuten shopping points (mandatory item): Rakuten member points are a program offered by Rakuten to its members, allowing them to earn points when purchasing products on Rakuten. Store owners bear the cost corresponding to the point (usually 1.0%) given.

Rakuten Business Operation

Costs borne for Rakuten shopping points = Rakuten shopping amount × given rate (the rate set by the store) (usually a minimum of 1.0%).

  • The cost of points is the total amount of points refunded for goods purchased by Rakuten members, including mobile members.
  • The amount subject to points = shopping basket amount + consumption tax.
  • The payment amount corresponding to points will be transferred to your company two months after Rakuten members use Rakuten shopping points to purchase goods.

To enhance transaction security and customer experience on the Rakuten platform, there is a system upgrade usage fee (mandatory item). Rakuten regularly upgrades system development, user interface, and other system usage environments. Maintenance requires a fee of 0.1% of monthly revenue.

Rakuten Super Affiliate, also known as CPS advertising (mandatory item): For successful paid turnover posted on Rakuten partner websites, Rakuten pays advertising fees to partner websites according to the Rakuten Super Affiliate rate set by the store. The advertising fees for Rakuten's partner websites are collected uniformly by Rakuten and paid to advertising partners by Rakuten. Additionally, based on the payment of advertising fees to partner websites, Rakuten Super Affiliate system usage fees are charged.

Basic usage fees for Super Affiliate will be exempted from November 2015 to the present period.

R-Chat (mandatory item)

Rakuten offers real-time communication functionality (system name: R-Chat) between users and stores to provide customer service tailored to user needs with greater interactivity and real-time responsiveness.

Rakuten Payments (Rakuten Market Payment Settlement Tool)

In Rakuten Market, Rakuten Payments handles payment settlement business for stores to eliminate consumer payment order concerns and simplify store settlement. Note: There may be cases where Rakuten Payments cannot be imported depending on the store opening package, etc.