Seller Success

OTTO held a national dealer qualification training meeting

Recently, in order to better promote standardized and standardized services, improve the professional knowledge level of OTTO dealers in the country, meet the needs of users, and ensure the standardized operation in the construction, on August 28, 2023, the first German OTTO CHEMIE qualification Training meeting (China region) was successfully held in Yuntai Hotel, Jinling City, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. The training was conducted in the form of theoretical training and on-site guidance, with special invitation to the senior management of OTTO Chemical Headquarters in Germany.

The dealers listened carefully and took notes at the meeting site, and through the explanation and demonstration of the staff of the German OTTO Chemical headquarters, they had a more intuitive understanding of the model and use of OTTO products. This training not only deepened the dealers' understanding of the product, but also laid a solid foundation for new business in the future.

The first German OTTO CHEMIE Qualification Training meeting (China region) was a complete success, providing important professional knowledge training and standard operation guidance for OTTO dealers throughout the country. The holding of this training meeting not only further consolidated the cooperative relationship with the German OTTO Chemical headquarters, but also brought new business opportunities for Chinese businesses. In the future, OTTO products in the Chinese market will meet user needs with higher standards and better services, and help the development and progress of the industry.